American national donates plasma to save COVID-19 patients

VOV.VN -Kelly Michelle Koch, a 53-year-old American woman who was the nation’s 83rd novel coronavirus (COVID-19) patient, has flown from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi in order to donate plasma in an effort to save those infected by the virus.

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Kelly Michelle Koch is the former COVID-19 patient in Vietnam
The case involving Koch was initially detected as she returned to the country following a trip to Thailand with her test results coming back positive for COVID-19.

She then received treatment at Cu Chi field hospital and went on to make a full recovery from the disease on April 4. Since then, the American national has continued living in the nation.

On describing the current situation, Koch shared that she felt delighted to be in Vietnam during the epidemic, adding that the Government has done an excellent job to fight the virus, allowing her to work in the country without any fears.

The donation by Koch comes after the Ministry of Health called on all individuals who successfully recovered from the COVID-19 to unite to help heal patients currently fighting the virus.

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After making a full recovery from the disease, she returns to Hanoi to donates plasma to save COVID-19 patients.

Those eligible to donate plasma are former COVID-19 patients who have fully recovered after a 14-day post-discharge period. Donors should be aged between 18 and 65, whilst male donors should weigh over 50 kg and female donors should weigh over 45 kg. In addition, those keen to donate will have to undergo free hepatitis B, HIV, and syphilis screening.

According to medical experts, pathogen neutralising proteins or antibodies in the blood of recovered patients could boost the immunity of those currently undergoing treatment following transmission, with the aim of killing the virus.

The use of human plasma, the liquid carrier component found in blood, in COVID-19 treatment is currently applied in some European countries, China, and the Republic of Korea.

Following the appeal, the morning of August 12 saw five volunteers register to donate their plasma.


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