All social resources mobilized to root out corruption

(VOV) - The Vietnam Anti-Corruption Initiative (VACI) 2013 was launched on June 11 in Hanoi, aiming to enhance society’s roles and responsibilities in combating corruption.

The programme, which is co-organised by the Government Inspectorate, the World Bank (WB) and other sponsors, includes an innovative contest and a knowledge exchange forum.

Forty outstanding projects on ways to fight corruption have been selected for the final round of the creative competition.

Deputy Inspector General Tran Duc Luong praised the resolve and efforts of the country’s political system and the entire society in the fight against corruption which have made drastic changes over the years.

VACI 2013 is part of the practical activities to promote society’s involvement and international cooperation in this field while demonstrating the country’s political determination and responsibility in performing its obligations as a member of the UN Convention against Corruption (UNCAC).

James Anderson, a WB representative, said the programme shows the determination of the Government Inspectorate, ministries and agencies in facilitating and collaborating with non-governmental agencies, the private sector and the media in the anti-corruption fight.

VACI 2013 indicates the long-term cooperation between the Government Inspectorate and development partners, social organisations and the private sector to reach the common goal of enhancing transparency, integrity and accountability to root out corruption.

The organizing board is expected to announce winning projects on June 12 and hold a knowledge exchange forum themed “Using information technology and telecommunications in preventing and fighting corruption”.