Activities for 59th anniversary of AO disaster discussed

The Central Committee of the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin (VAVA) held a conference in Hanoi on June 8 to discuss activities marking the 59th anniversary of Vietnam AO/Dioxin disaster.

activities for 59th anniversary of ao disaster discussed hinh 0
At the event, Vice Chairman of the VAVA Central Committee Dang Nam Dien said an exchange marking the occasion will be held on August 9 with a view to looking into the impact of AO on Vietnamese humans and environment, the Party and State’s support for victims, and the journey for justice for them.

The exchange is expected to raise public awareness both at home and abroad about AO disaster waged by the US army during the war in Vietnam from 1961 to 1971 and the post-war recovery in the country, as well as to suggest measures to win justice for AO victims in the new situation.

The same day, the committee also sent a dispatch to cities and provinces calling for holding more activities on the occasion.

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