About 14 percent of Vietnam population face malnutrition

(VOV) - The rate of malnutrition is about 14 percent among Vietnamese people, but 50 percent among patients admitted to hospital.

These figures were released at a press briefing in Hanoi on November 7 in connection with the nutrition support program funded by Abbott Foundation.

about 14 percent of vietnam population face malnutrition hinh 0

Director of Bach Mai Hospital Nguyen Quoc Anh revealed that the rate of malnutrition among patients is between 33-51 percent. Malnutrition, especially among adults, puts their health at more risks than other Vietnamese, he said.

Deputy Director of the Vietnam Nutrition Institute Nguyen Thi Lam said most hospitals in Vietnam record a malnutrition rate of up to 50 percent. At present, 31 provincial hospitals in the country still have no nutrition departments, she added.

The US$3.8 million nutrition support program has helped Vietnam train medical workers, conduct research, and increase nutritional supplements to patients.