A responsible Vietnam in COVID-19 fight

VOV.VN - Every country, including Vietnam, has implemented measures to contain the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. The kindness, responsibility, and humanity Vietnam has shown in fighting the disease has elevated its status internationally.

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The COVID-19 epidemic is spreading around the world. As of March 22, the epidemic had spread to 192 countries and territories, with 335,000 infection cases and over 14,600 deaths.  

Meanwhile, Vietnam had recorded 113 cases, of which 17 had been discharged from hospital after making a full recovery. The Vietnamese public has responded to the Prime Minister’s appeal to stay united, support one another, and not discriminate against infected people whether they are Vietnamese or foreigners. In difficult circumstances, the Vietnamese spirit has shone brightly.

Embracing humanity

Among the COVID-19 patients in Vietnam, many are foreigners. A number of them have expressed their gratitude to the Vietnamese government and people, particularly doctors and nurses, for saving their lives.

After being discharged from Cho Ray hospital in Ho Chi Minh City, Li Ding of China and his son Li Zichao, the first two COVID-19 patients in Vietnam, sent a thank-you letter to the hospital.

“We left the hospital three days ago, but our thoughts keep returning to the hospital where my son and I were treated. We will never forget our time at your hospital. We appreciate your kindness in saving our lives and will never forget it. From the bottom of our hearts we want to say: Thank you, Vietnam!”

Wu Jun, the Chinese General Consul in Ho Chi Minh City, visited Cho Ray hospital to express his gratitude for the hospital staff’s recent efforts in caring for Chinese citizens.

Among the foreign COVID-19 patients in Vietnam, there is a 69-year-old British patient whose treatment is complicated because he already has several other diseases. Despite the difficulty, Vietnamese doctors and nurses are doing their utmost to save this patient.

A British couple, David and Cath Butler, came to Vietnam on March 1 on holiday. After spending 5 wonderful days in and around Hanoi, they found themselves being quarantined at Dong Da hospital.

They wrote “We respect the fact that this is what had to happen in the circumstances, and we are thankful to the hospital and all its staff for looking after us so well.”

UK Ambassador to Vietnam Gareth Ward recorded a video in Vietnamese thanking Vietnam for its support for British residents and tourists during the current COVID-19 outbreak. He expressed his gratitude to doctors, nurses, and government officials for helping British visitors, who have also said they feel grateful.

Showing responsibility for the international community

Vietnam holds that containing the COVID-19 epidemic is a global task. In addition to helping its neighbor China, Vietnam has made every effort to help the international community contain the spread of this dangerous pandemic.

At a meeting with the Vietnamese government in late February, representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention praised Vietnam’s efforts and asked Vietnam to share its experience.

Vietnam is making an all-out effort and upholding the highest sense of responsibility to contain the epidemic. A Vietnamese scientist has created a disinfectant and given thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer to others.

Many people have donated money to government and health sector funds devoted to fighting the epidemic. The people of Vietnam have showed solidarity in maintaining social order and promoting an image of a united, responsible, and humane Vietnam.


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