A Hanoi resident dies of dengue fever due to self-infusion at home

VOV.VN -A resident of Hanoi capital who was infected with dengue fever has died at Bach Mai hospital after self-infusion at home, hospital doctors said.

a hanoi resident dies of dengue fever due to self-infusion at home hinh 0
Patient with dengue treated at Bach Mai Hospital

The 17-year-old man was hospitalized a week ago with clear dengue fever symptoms. He experienced a cardiac arrest and relied completely on the extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) to save his life. But the young patient died within two days of hospitalisation as a result of multi-organ failure.

The man was said to have refused hospital admission due to COVID-19 infection fears and had self-infusion at home. However, he had recorded a cardiac arrest and his relatives asked for medical emergency.

According to experts, dengue fever is a tropical disease that is spread by mosquitoes, with patients frequently displaying symptoms such as a high fever and joint pain. Those who suffer from a severe case of the disease must receive swift medical attention in order to avoid lethal consequences. 

Currently, Hanoi capital is in the midst of the peak season of the disease due to a period of hot weather combined with spells of heavy rain that result in creating favourable conditions in which dengue fever can be easily spread by mosquitoes.

As there is no specific treatment for the disease and vaccination options remaining limited, effective preventive measures to combat the spread of dengue fever can be considered vital.

Residents are advised to regularly clean water containers, eat carefully-cooked food, and thoroughly sanitise the local environment.


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