83rd Anniversary of the Government Public Relations Department

The Government Public Relations Department (PRD) celebrates its 83rd anniversary in 2016. Throughout the passage of time, its roles, duties, and structure have changed in accordance with the evolving situation of the country.

As a broadcasting network provider, PRD is now in the process of switching from analog to digital terrestrial television broadcasting services, in accordance with the Broadcasting Master Plan of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission.

Originally called the Publicity Division, PRD was established on 3 May 1933, almost one year after Thailand had changed its administrative system from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. It was given the unique status of a special agency under the control of the Cabinet and acted somewhat like today’s government spokesman.

The agency was entrusted with creating better understanding about democratic administration and parliamentary democracy among the public. On 9 December 1933, it was upgraded to the Publicity Office and was later given the status of a department. From this modest start, the office grew rapidly and its name was changed to PRD on 8 March 1952.

PRD is under the supervision of the Prime Minister’s Office. Its mission is to inform the public, both local and foreign, of the Thai government’s policies and activities, while reflecting the people’s needs and concerns. It also creates a bridge of understanding between the government and the people, as well as the international community.