21 explosions leave 11 dead in 2017

VOV.VN - There were 21 explosions reported in Vietnam in 2017, claiming 11 lives and causing property damage in excess of VND4 billion, according to the Vietnam Fire and Rescue Police Department.

21 explosions leave 11 dead in 2017 hinh 0
The number of incidents involving explosions fell by 8.7% for the year and the injury rate dropped by 50%, but fatalities from those incidents rose by 57.1% compared to 2016.

According to the Department, the most common causes of the explosions were put down to faulty equipment and reckless malpractice in the use of chemicals, gas, and welding equipment.

Explosive blasts resulting from fires are often less dangerous than those caused by detonated explosive devices, as evidenced by the recent explosion in northern Bac Ninh Province, says a representative from the Department.

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