White Book promotes human rights in Vietnam

VOV.VN - Vietnam’s White Book on human rights highlights national achievements and outlines works to be done to promote citizens’ rights. The book, entitled “Protection and Promotion of Human Rights in Vietnam,” has been released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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The book provides current information about the laws, policies, efforts, and achievements of Vietnam in ensuring human rights. It also points out challenges and priorities to be addressed.

Undeniable achievements

In 2005, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Vietnam published a book entitled “Achievements in protection and promotion of human rights in Vietnam.” The 2013 Constitution takes a step closer to completing the legal system on human rights.

Vietnam has ensured the rights to vote and stand for election, freedom of speech, press, assembly, association, religion and belief, equality and non-discrimination, and the right to freedom of travel and residence. Vietnam has done well in ensuring economic, cultural, and social rights of people like the right to work and improve one’s living condition, and the right to health care. The rights of vulnerable groups such as women, children, the elderly, Agent Orange/dioxin victims, and the disabled are protected. Vietnam was elected member of the UN Human Rights Council in 2014.

7 human rights priorities

The White Book reveals seven priorities for better protecting human rights. Vietnam continues to improve the legal system in line with the 2013 Constitution and its international commitments. The government will boost socio-economic development to increase resources for poverty reduction, and enhance people’s quality of life and access to social security services.

Effort will be made to  improve quality of education for human resource development, including education on human rights, and to raise the awareness of people and law enforcement agencies on this issue.

Vietnam will promote gender equality, an important factor in building better human resources, and quality of life for every individual. People’s health should be taken good care of. Vietnam will strengthen cooperation with all countries, institutions, and organizations related to human rights.

Unwavering viewpoint on human rights

The 2018 White Book says ensuring and promoting human rights is the responsibility and right of every country. Countries are responsible for building their legal system compatible to fundamental principles of international law, particularly the UN Charter, taking into account national context to ensure that citizens enjoy human rights to the fullest. Approaches to human rights vary among countries as a result of differences in historical background, political system, development level, and cultural values.

Cooperation and dialogues between countries to protect and promote human rights are a necessary objective. Vietnam supports strengthened cooperation in human rights on a basis of equal and constructive dialogue with mutual understanding and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, for the common goal of better protecting human rights.

Vietnam’s 2018 White Book on human rights is a strong response to slanders because Vietnam’s achievements and viewpoints on human rights fully match the progressive trend of international law.  


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