Vietnamese, Lao armies boost ties in internal political protection

VOV.VN - Lt. Gen. Tran Quang Phuong, Deputy Director of the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People’s Army (VPA) on August 13 gave a reception in Hanoi to Maj. Gen. Bunlieng Sengphachan, head of the internal protection division under the General Department of Politics of the Lao People’s Army.

The Lao guest briefed his host on the result of his delegation’s meetings with the army security protection department of the VPA’s General Department of Politics and the criminal investigation department of the Vietnamese Ministry of National Defence.

During the meetings, both sides shared experience in the fight against activities threatening security, politics and the special friendship between the two armies as well as the two nations.

Phuong emphasized the importance of internal political protection alongside the examination and supervision of thoughts and political virtue in the army, particularly amidst hostile forces’ increased sabotage against the two countries’ revolutions and special friendship.

The Vietnamese army security protection department and criminal investigation department and the Lao internal protection division were urged to promote the exchange of delegations and information to improve their counseling given to leaders of the two defence ministries and the two general departments of politics in order to combat plots, ruses and sabotage activities of hostile forces and minimize law violations and crime, thus firmly maintaining the discipline and combatant strength of each country’ armies.

Leaders of the VPA’s General Department of Politics are ready to support and offer favourable conditions for agencies to beef up cooperation and fulfill their duties, Phuong told his guest.