Vietnam, US to start the next phase of cooperation

VOV.VN - Vietnam and the US mark 25 years of normalized diplomatic relations this year. Over the past 25 years the two countries have seen remarkable achievements and great changes in awareness and actions of their governments and people.

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At the Vietnam House in Washington D.C, Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Ha Kim Ngoc and Asistant Secretary of State David Stilwell co-chaired a meeting to begin the 25th anniversary of Vietnam-US diplomatic ties (1995 - 2020)

Celebrations this year will create momentum for both sides to enhance their cooperation to advance common interests and prosperity.

25 years after normalizing relations, Vietnam and the US have become comprehensive partners with mutual respect for each other and shared strategic interests. Both countries have a political will and long-term vision to further strengthen bilateral relations. 2020 is an important milestone for Vietnam and the US.

Trust reinforced

To build trust, both countries over the past 25 years have paid attention to the other’s interests and resolved issues through constructive dialogue, respect for the other’s political system and contribution to win-win cooperation. Analysts say the Vietnam-US relation is special and rare in the modern world.

US Ambassador to Vietnam Daniel Kritenbrink said, “We’re incredibly excited to be celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. What it means to us is this is an opportunity to celebrate the partnership and friendship that the US and Vietnam have established and built together over the last 25 years. I think perhaps the most meaningful is we are able to overcome our past history.”

The current results are due to the efforts of generations of Vietnamese and American people. One of the first activities to mark 25 years of normalized relations was a meeting to acknowledge those Americans who pushed for normalization.

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 Ambassador Ha Kim Ngoc
On February 13, Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Ha Kim Ngoc visited the family of late Senator John McCain. McCain was a strong advocate of healing the wounds of war and normalizing bilateral relations. Ambassador Ngoc said McCain’s strategic vision and courage contributed to Vietnam-US relations in economics, trade, people-to-people exchange, and international cooperation.

Looking back and moving forward

Vietnam-US relations progressed rapidly over the past 25 years. The two have evolved from one-time foes to friends and comprehensive partners.

Former Vietnamese Ambassador at the UN Ngo Quang Xuan said, "The change from former foes to trustful partners is of great importance for both countries as well as for regional peace and stability. The US sees their direct interests and cooperative potential in its relations with Vietnam in politics, economics, trade, and other fields. Bilateral relations will continue to develop in the future.”

The US and Vietnam are aware of a huge potential for cooperation to bring practical benefits to their people. Celebrating 25 years of normalized relations will drive their relationship toward new heights.


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