Vietnam, Ukraine promote comprehensive co-operation partnership

VOV.VN - Ukraine remains keen to develop a mutual partnership with Vietnam in a range of fields, including economics, trade, science, education, and culture, according to Brahar Evgeny, chairman of the Ukraine-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Group.

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Vietnamese Ambassador to Ukraine Nguyen Anh Tuan chairs the online roundtable discussion
The Vietnam Embassy in Ukraine, along with the Ukraine-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Group, co-hosted a roundtable discussion on August 28 on the topic of current relations between both sides, in addition to the future prospects of Ukraine-Vietnam relations.

The occasion was held to mark the 75th anniversary of the August Revolution and Vietnam's National Day, which falls on September 2, along with the 29th Independence Day of Ukraine (1991-2020).

Participants at the event offered their comments and assessments on the current political and economic situation of both sides, as well as ongoing novel coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic prevention efforts in the two countries. In addition, both parties used the opportunity to devise the direction and promote the role of the Ukraine-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Group, in co-ordination with the Vietnamese Embassy in Ukraine, in order to enhance the bilateral relationship across a variety of fields.

Despite mutual ties not being established until January 23, 1992, both nations have maintained a time-honoured friendship that stretches far further back in time, said Brahar Evgeny, chairman of the Ukraine-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Group.

Brahar went on to express his gratitude to Vingroup for organising a special flight from the nation to Ukraine in March, therefore allowing various Ukrainian citizens to return home amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as providing support to the Eastern European country through medical equipment.

Ukraine wishes to bolster the existing partnership in areas such as economics, trade, science, education, and culture, he added, while suggesting that both sides should strive to be more active when utilising intergovernmental development co-operation mechanisms. In addition, improvements could be made to intensify direct business exchanges, delegation exchanges, and information sharing, along with encouraging firms to expand their exports activities and participate in investment projects in each country.

Brahar also highlighted the huge potential for broader co-operation between the two sides, noting that current trade turnover remains modest. He thereby expressed his wish that due a long history of friendship, the relationship between the two nations will increasingly be strengthened and expanded, whilst also signaling his hopes for the promotion of parliamentary exchanges between the two countries next year.

In response, Vietnamese Ambassador to Ukraine Nguyen Anh Tuan said that the traditional relationship between the pair was upgraded to a higher level of comprehensive co-operation partnership in 2011, therefore marking a new stage in reinforcing the extensive relationship and deepening mutual understanding.

As a result, bilateral relations have enjoyed steady growth in fields such as economics, trade, politics, security, science, education, and humanitarian assistance.

Furthermore, the Vietnam National Assembly is also keen to promote contact with their Ukrainian counterparts. Along with the nation, ASEAN member states will work to help the Eastern European country become an observer of the ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly in the near future, the Vietnamese diplomat said.

Moreover, talking points also focused on recent bilateral political and trading ties, COVID-19 countermeasures, and the prospect of greater economic and trade relations between the two sides moving forward.