Vietnam respects positive ties with partner nations

(VOV) -Vietnam respects and positively develops relations with partner countries for the benefit of the Vietnamese people and interests of partner countries for peace, stability, cooperation and development in the Asia-Pacific region, especially with neighboring countries and within the ASEAN.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Hai Binh made the statement when responding to reporters’ queries about the Philippine press reporting that Manila wants to upgrade its relations with Vietnam to a strategic partnership at a regular press briefing in Hanoi on September 10.

vietnam respects positive ties with partner nations hinh 0

"In our relations with the Philippines, we are consistent with a foreign policy of intensive international integration in developing ties with the Philippines. We believe that the bilateral friendship cooperation will positively contribute to peace, stability, cooperation and development in Southeast Asia and the Asia Pacific.”

Regarding the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe, the spokesman said relevant countries should devise emergency measures and long term solutions to deal with the issue on the basis of humanitarian spirit, in line with international commitment without affecting peace and stability.

Also at the press conference, the diplomat affirmed Vietnam's indisputable sovereignty over Truong Sa (Spartly) and Hoang Sa (Paracel) archipelagoes, adding that any activities conducted in the area by other countries without permission and agreement from Vietnam are wrong and null and avoid.

Binh made the remarks while being asked about Vietnam’s response to China installing 4G coverage in the Hoang Sa archipelago.