Vietnam reaffirms support for peace deal in Colombia

VOV.VN - The country moved to reaffirm its support for the implementation of the peace deal in Colombia during a meeting held on July 14 to discuss the South American nation led by the United Nations Security Council.

Carlos Ruiz Massieu, Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Colombia and head of the UN Verification Mission in the country, praised all relevant parties for their joint efforts within the National Reintegration Council whilst working in the parameters of the tripartite mechanism in order to transition to legality.

Massieu went on to express his confidence that constructive dialogue between the Government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia will soon result in an agreement that will allow the Peace Agreement to be realised.

Despite this optimism, he stated his concerns about violence, particularly with regard to the killing of social leaders and former combatants of indigenous and Afro-Colombian origin.

Massieu therefore urged the Colombian Government and other relevant parties to put measures in place in an effort to ensure security for all communities whilst fostering the leadership of female former combatants in social, economic, and political reintegration.

Moreover, the UN Special Representative, also appealed to all parties to follow the Secretary-General’s call for a global ceasefire aimed at halting violence and facilitating appropriate responses to the (COVID-19) pandemic.

The meeting saw members of the UN Security Council acknowledge efforts and measures proposed for the purpose of containing the COVID-19 and carrying out the Peace Agreement in Colombia.

Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, head of the nation’s permanent mission to the UN, expressed his sympathy over the challenges met in trying to implement the Peace Agreement, in addition to the general impact of the COVID-19.

The Vietnamese diplomat noted his support for the Colombian Government and their parliament’s efforts to discuss bills and constitutional reforms. 

Moreover, concerns linger regarding the violence and killing of ex-fighters and social leaders, with Ambassador Quy calling on relevant parties to comply with the Secretary-General’s call for a global ceasefire, with all sides urged to take all necessary measures aimed at protecting civilians, particularly women and children, in conflict-hit areas.

Furthermore, the Vietnamese diplomat hailed strides made in terms of the reintegration of former combatants via individual and collective socio-economic development schemes and projects.

In line with this, he asked the National Reintegration Council, together with the UN and regional and other international organisations, to actively provide financial assistance mechanisms whilst suggesting proper initiatives aimed at helping ex-fighters settle down.