Vietnam promotes multilateralism in its foreign policy

VOV.VN - Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh delivered a speech on promoting multilateralism for peace and sustainable development at the General Debate of the UN General Assembly’s 74th session in New York recently.

vietnam promotes multilateralism in its foreign policy hinh 0
Mr. Minh affirmed the importance of multilateral cooperation in Vietnam’s foreign policy and called on the world community to strengthen multilateralism.

The Deputy Prime Minister said that during the last 75 years, the UN has affirmed its indispensable role and multilateral institutions have enabled discussions on global issues between countries. Multilateral forums, particularly the UN, are venues for establishing ideas and building standards and strategies to coordinate countries’ efforts to cope with traditional and non-traditional security issues, deal with global challenges, and improve people’s lives.

Vietnam respects multilateral cooperation

Deputy Prime Minister Minh said multilateralism plays a special role in Vietnam’s foreign policy. Vietnam’s renewal, development, and international integration are closely associated with its participation in regional and global multilateral institutions.

The UN and other multilateral institutions are important political forums and legal frameworks for Vietnam to boost its cooperation with other countries. Vietnam has proved its role as an active and responsible partner in multilateral processes.

Together with other ASEAN countries, Vietnam has contributed to enhancing ASEAN’s role in maintaining peace, stability, and security and boosting the growth and prosperity of Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific.

Vietnam has contributed to the UN’s peacekeeping operations and UN policies on sustainable development, maritime issues, social issues, and human rights protection. Vietnam has pledged to fully implement the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Vietnam has implemented specific measures to reduce the use of single use plastics by 2025.

Vietnam’s view on strengthening vitality of multilateralism

Deputy Prime Minister Minh called on the world community to work closely to strengthen multilateralism and UN activities to cope with current challenges. He stressed the need to uphold international law and the UN Charter to build a law-based world order and boost relations between countries.

Vietnam considers respect for international law the most effective measure to prevent conflicts and reach long-term solutions to disputes and conflicts. Minh said Vietnam supports all efforts to solve conflicts through peaceful methods in accordance with the UN Charter and international law including negotiation, conciliation, and judicial settlement.

Mr. Minh said multilateralism must be strengthened regionally and globally. He said Vietnam supports cooperation between the UN, particularly the UN Security Council and the African Union, the European Union, and the Arab League in coping with security challenges in Africa and the Middle East.

As a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council in the 2020-2021 tenure and ASEAN Chair in 2020, Vietnam hopes to strengthen cooperation between the UNSC and regional organizations to prevent conflict and promote peace.

The Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister said people should be at the center of multilateralism. Vietnam condemns all attacks against civilians or the infrastructure they depend on. Vietnam supports and will continue to contribute to UN programs on peace, security, and protecting women and children in armed conflicts.

Vietnam prioritizes efforts to overcome the aftermath of bombs and mines and improve people’s lives. Vietnam welcomes UN reforms to strengthen cooperation between countries and mobilize the contributions of NGOs, social organizations, and the community. Minh said strong political commitment by governments and leaders is the key to stronger multilateralism.


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