Vietnam persists on its revolutionary path

VOV.VN - The Vietnamese Party Politburo’s determination to pursue the goal of national independence in association with socialism based on Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh Thought is defined in Decree 35 dated May 30, 2019.

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Adhering to the Party platform, guidelines and policies are the way Vietnamese Communists stand against provocation and distortion by hostile forces who attempt to undermine Vietnam’s path to socialism.

Hostile forces always increase sabotage activities against Vietnam when the country is preparing for major events. They try to subvert socialism, overthrow the political regime, incite the public and reduce their trust in the Party and the path to socialism chosen by the Vietnamese Party and people.

Vietnamese nation’s choice

History proves that national independence in close association with socialism is the correct and only choice of the Vietnamese nation.

In the late 19th and early 20th century, when the Vietnamese were seeking a way to liberate the country, Nguyen Ai Quoc brought to Vietnam Marxism-Leninism and lessons learned from the Russian October Revolution and other proletarian revolutions.

When the Communist Party of Vietnam was founded, national independence in association with socialism became the lodestar for the Vietnamese revolution.

Victory after victory resulted in Vietnam’s national independence, reunification, and confidence to move toward socialism and become a prosperous country with wealthy people, democracy, equality, and civilization.

Results have shown that the progressive proletarian revolution was right for Vietnam and socialism is the right choice of the Vietnamese.

National independence in association with socialism is the correct choice of the Vietnamese people, who are the source of strength and the ones who decide the country’s destiny.

The Communist Party of Vietnam is absolutely loyal to the people and the homeland and committed to protecting the interests of the nation and the people.

Therefore, the Vietnamese people are wholeheartedly committed to following and supporting the Party and the Party ideology of persistently pursuing the path to socialism.

Party persists on the path selected by the people

Socialism is a new level of development of for humankind. It is not a ready-made path but requires the Communist Party of Vietnam, based on the principles of Marxism-Leninism, to be creative and closely follow actual events in the country and the world to build socialism and fine-tune the theory of socialism.

Vietnam’s achievements during 30 years of renewal are clear evidence of the success of the Communist Party of Vietnam in managing Vietnam’s socialist oriented market economy and pursuing modernization and international integration.

Throughout its revolution, the Communist Party of Vietnam has persistently pursued the path to national independence and socialism chosen by the Vietnamese people.

The Party resolutely affirms its determination to pursue this path in the Document of the 12th National Party Congress. The Party makes national interest the highest goal while moving toward socialism.

The Party has defined a roadmap for industrialization and economic model that pursues rapid, sustainable growth while balancing economic policies with social policies, economic growth with social development, and social progress with social equality.