Vietnam joins UNSC discussion on situation in Lebanon, Sudan

VOV.VN - Vietnamese Ambassador Dang Dinh Quy, head of the country’s permanent mission to the UN, participated in a recent online meeting held by the UN Security Council (UNSC) to discuss the ongoing situation in Lebanon and recent developments in the Darfur region of Sudan.

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At the online meeting held by the UN Security Council (Photo:VNA)
Ambassador Quy extended his condolences to Lebanon, their citizens who are victims in the recent incident, and the victims’ families.

He also voiced concerns about the Middle Eastern country facing multiple crises simultaneously, whilst the situation there appears to becoming worse and showing signs of getting out of control.

The diplomat noted that providing relief for civilians should be the top priority, therefore calling on the international community to increase humanitarian aid to Lebanon.

During the meeting, Jan Kubis, UN Special Coordinator for Lebanon, provided participants with an update on the Middle East nation following the August 4 explosion that hit Beirut, along with activities of the UN Interim Force (UNIFIL) which has performed tasks under relevant UNSC resolutions.

Furthermore, UNSC member states expressed their sympathies for the Lebanese people regarding human and property losses, as well as the difficulties caused by the devastating explosion.

Due to the current context, the UNIFIL holds an even more essential role in ensuring security and stability throughout the region whilst helping Lebanon to weather these difficult times, Quy said.

Concerning the recent situation taking place in the Darfur region of Sudan, Bintou Keita, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Africa, said recent times has seen violence among communities increase in northern and western Darfur, especially in July, a factor that serves to jeopardise the recent strides made in the region.

Moreover, UNSC members also shared concerns about the security situation in Darfur, particularly with regard to escalating violence among local communities. They also acknowledged the Sudanese Government’s efforts to deal with this issue and expressed their hope that both the Government and armed forces in Darfur will soon be able to reach a comprehensive peace agreement.

In discussing the situation in the North African nation, Ambassador Quy highlighted the leading role of the Sudanese Government in ensuring security in Darfur as well as its efforts taken in response to a number of recent violent incidents, calling for the root causes to be dealt with in an efficient manner.