Vietnam desires stronger judicial cooperation with US

VOV.VN - A delegation from the Supreme People’s Court led by Chief Judge Nguyen Hoa Binh paid a working visit the US from August 28 to September 6 to seek stronger judicial cooperation between the two nations.

At a working session at the US Federal Judicial Centre as part of the visit, the delegation called for support from US partners to help Vietnam revamp its legal system, especially in procedural law, the development of case law, and settlement of intellectual property disputes.

Both sides agreed upon a number of cooperation contents in a wide range of fields, including the organization and operation of judicial agencies, approaches to judicial administrative activities, the management of data, statistics and analysis as well as personnel training.

They consented to boost ties in using research of each other to serve court operation, as well as in major legal and procedural areas and other professional issues in judicial sector.

The two sides concurred to intensify exchange visits, hold joint conferences, and work hand in hand in researching and compiling academic documents in order to carry out the agreements,

At a meeting with US Chief Justice John G. Roberts, the delegation thanked the US Department of State and US courts for their support and experience sharing as a means of improving the efficiency of Vietnam’s court activities.

During their stay, it also visited the Supreme Courts of Texas and Georgia states, the Travis county Family Drug Treatment Court, Texas Court Criminal of Appeals, and Atlanta Judicial Complex, to learn from the US’ experience in operating the litigation system, the models of family court and drug court, and experience in judicial training.

They also met with representatives from the US Department of State, the Family Judicial Centre, and the District of Columbia Court of Appeals.