Vietnam attends ACDFIM 13 in Laos

A delegation from the Vietnamese People’s Army (VPA) led by General Do Ba Ty, Chief of the General Staff, is attending the 13th ASEAN Chiefs of Defence Forces Informal Meeting (ACDFIM-13) in Laos.

The visit was made at the invitation of Lieutenant General Suvon Luongbunmi, Chief of the General Staff of the Lao People’s Army.

During the event, the Vietnamese delegation continued to attest the country’s role and position in regional and international levels through multinational forums on defence, asserting the Vietnamese Party and State’s diversified, active and responsible policies used in the international integration process.

vietnam attends acdfim 13 in laos hinh 0
General Do Ba Ty, Chief of the General Staff 
The participation in the event demonstrated the Vietnam army’s wish to bolster its relations with armies of other ASEAN member countries in a mutual effort to maintain peace, stability and development in the region towards realising the ASEAN Political Security Community’s targets. 

It also showed Vietnam’s support for the host country in its role as ASEAN’s Chair in 2016. 

The ACDFIM runs from March 13 to 15.

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