US newspaper highlights Vietnamese medical support to EU in COVID-19 fight

VOV.VN - The Diplomat, a newspaper based in the US, published an article on April 8 which heaps praise of the donation of 550,000 face masks by Vietnam to five European countries in order to support their fight against the (COVID-19) pandemic.

us newspaper highlights vietnamese medical support to eu in covid-19 fight hinh 0
At the handover ceremony
The article notes that the shipment of face masks, all of which are made of antimicrobial fabric, were handed to the respective ambassadors of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK in Hanoi on April 7.

The Diplomat also quotes the country’s Deputy Foreign Minister To Anh Dung as saying that the assistance underlines the value of the strategic partnership between both sides, in addition to showing the nation’s recognition that “strengthening international co-operation and unity” is an important factor necessary in minimising the impact of the COVID-19.

Prashanth Parameswaran, the author of the article, said that the aid provided falls in line with the country’s broader diplomatic policy shown throughout the COVID-19 crisis, noting that Vietnam has also offered assistance to other countries, including neighbours Cambodia and Laos.

Featured in the article, Prashanth indicates that ties between Vietnam and the EU have been negatively affected by the growth of the global pandemic due to restrictions placed on exports and visa regulations hitting economic ties.

Despite this, he points out that both sides have also been striving to manage the fallout of the COVID-19, with steps including sharing information relating to the security of citizens and pursuing a number of key developments such as the final steps in ratifying the EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement, more commonly known as the EVFTA.

The featured piece highlights the Vietnamese side’s continued willingness to assist other countries to the best of its abilities on a bilateral and multilateral basis, even as it remains vigilant regarding its own challenges faced domestically.

At present, there have been over 200 COVID-19 cases reported in the country with no deaths, leading the country to take additional protective measures such as placing restrictions on movement and stepping up the production of masks, according to the article.

The author affirms that the latest round of assistance is just one part of Vietnam’s multifaceted approach to fighting the COVID-19 both at home and abroad. 


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