Trade Union’s role in strikes discussed

The role of employee representatives in Trade Union organisations should be heightened to deal with labour disputes and strikes, said lawmakers in Hanoi on October 5.

Offering opinions on the revised Labour Code, National Assembly Standing Committee deputies said the move will encourage the establishment of Trade Union organisations in businesses which are currently operating without such groups aimed at protecting employees’ legitimate rights.

Phan Trung Ly, Chairman of the NA Committee for Legal Affairs, pointed to the fact that a number of strikes have occurred recently, in which Trade Union organisations have not performed their role well.

Although the current Labour Code stipulates that Trade Union organisations are responsible for strikes, none have been led by these groups, said Mr Ly.

He wondered if the Code does not contain proper stipulations that cause employees to break the law to demand their rights.

Phung Quoc Hien, Chairman of the NA Committee for Financial and Budgetary Affairs, proposed that Trade Union organisations deal with such labour disputes and strikes before they occur.

If strikes are based on reasonable causes, it is Trade Union organisations that decide to arrange and lead strikes to ensure employees’ rights, said Mr Hien.

NA Vice Chairman Uong Chu Luu noted that the compiling board should make clear the causes of strikes, referring to other laws on social insurance, health care, occupational safety and health.

Lawmakers asked the law compiling board to amend stipulations on strikes with a particular focus on employees’ rights in a way that conforms to regulations on citizens’ fundamental rights when the current Constitution is scheduled to be amended by 2013.