Respect-paying ceremony held in US for former Party leader

VOV.VN - The Vietnamese Embassy in the US held a respect-paying ceremony on August 14 for former Party General Secretary Le Kha Phieu with embassy staff and representatives of overseas bureaus in Washington D.C participating in the event.

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In a message that was read out during the ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Ha Kim Ngoc highlighted the many great contributions of former Party chief Le Kha Phieu to the revolutionary cause of the Party and the Vietnamese people. Throughout his life, along with other Politburo members, the former Party leader always paid close attention to and directed foreign affairs, including those between the country and the United States.

Ambassador Ngoc joined with overseas bureau representatives at the ceremony to sign a book of condolences.

Furthermore representatives from various Government agencies, the US Congress, and diplomatic missions throughout Washington D.C such as the ambassadors of Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, and other ASEAN member states signed an online version of the book of condolences.

In addition, representatives from business associations, non-governmental organisations, research institutes, and Vietnamese nationals based in Washington D.C expressed their condolences at the passing of the former Party leader by signing the online funeral book.

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Vietnamese Ambassador to the US Ha Kim Ngoc signs the book of condolences

On behalf of the US Department of Defense, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for South and Southeast Asia Reed Werner extended his deepest condolences to former General Secretary Phieu, a great leader who significantly contributed to defense co-operation both sides. Indeed, these initial steps helped to move ties in a positive direction following the normalization of relations between the two nations.

Moreover, US Congressman Ted Yoho sent his deepest condolences, underlining the important contributions made by former General Secretary Phieu to the process of building the relationship between both sides.

Various ambassadors and representatives of countries based in the US, alongside leaders of business associations, non-governmental organisations, and research institutes, along with American friends and Vietnamese relatives, sent condolences to express their final respects to former General Secretary Phieu.

They conveyed their deep condolences to his family and to the Party, State, and Vietnamese people, while emphasizing the dedication of the former Party leader to the great cause of national construction and development.