President Ho Chi Minh testament embraces historical values

VOV.VN - 2019 marks 50 years of Vietnam’s implementation of President Ho Chi Minh’s testament. The historical document is of profound theoretical and practical significance to the country’s renovation and development.

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President Ho Chi Minh began writing his testament in May, 1965, which reviews his experience in leading Vietnam’s revolution and guiding national development. It also reflects the personality of President Ho Chi Minh, a national hero and an outstanding cultural figure.

Significant historical testament

In his testament President Ho Chi Minh stressed the importance of purifying and sustaining the Party. Associate Professor Doctor Doan Thi Chin, Head of the Ho Chi Minh Thought Faculty of the Academy of Journalism and Communications, said the first paragraphs of the testament are about the Party, one of the issues that the President tossed and turned throughout his revolutionary life because the Party played a decisive role in the victories of the revolution.

Ms. Chin said “With his bright example, President Ho Chi Minh proved the importance of unity within the Party. He underlined the need for the ruling Party to strengthen bonds between its members and enhance morality. According to President Ho Chi Minh, the ruling Party’s mandate is to lead the social classes and the nation to successfully build a socialist society. To fulfill this mission, the Communist Party of Vietnam must set an example of morality and civilization.”

President Ho Chi Minh’s testament describes an ideology of respecting the people and being close to the people, and of creating preferential policies for war invalids and martyrs and their relatives, as well as women, youths, farmers, and the people living in remote areas. It also emphasizes the need to devise effective socio-economic and cultural plans to improve people’s lives.

Professor Doctor Hoang Chi Bao, Senior Expert and former member of the Central Theoretical Council, said “President Ho asked us to pay special attention to improving people’s lives, knowledge, and rights. He stressed the importance of winning the people’s trust, pointing out that when people love, support, and trust the Party, they will protect the Party and the revolution.”

President Ho Chi Minh’s testament talked about socialism, peace, unification, independence, democracy, and prosperity. He said renovation is a fight against backwardness and ruin to create new things with the involvement of the entire people.

Implementing President Ho Chi Minh’s testament

Over the past 50 years, the Communist Party of Vietnam has strengthened Party building and rectification, developed its revolutionary orientations, and strengthened its role as Vietnam’s ruling Party. The Party and State have adopted policies to improve people’s lives and have defined people as the beneficiaries and masters of all material resources. The Party has led the people in carrying out renewal and achieving remarkable progress in socio-economic development, security, national defense, and external relations.

President Ho Chi Minh’s testament reviews the lessons of the past and sets orientations for the future. It’s the handbook of the Communist Party of Vietnam in pursuing its path forward.


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