PM urges speeding up investment disbursement

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has asked ministries and sectors to intensify the disbursement of public investment, FDI and ODA sources and ensure the efficient use of the capital in order to boost national development.

Chairing a monthly Cabinet meeting in Hanoi on April 29, Dung emphasised the importance of increasing the aggregate demand, hastening the progress of key projects, solving non-performing loans and ensuring credit quality.

“Economic growth and employment for labourers depend on the increase of the aggregate demand,” stated the PM. 

Attention must be paid to improving the business and investment environment and creating favourable conditions for enterprises to access loans and develop their production, he said, adding that administrative procedures relating to business registration, land, customs and taxation must be reformed. 

The Government leader also noted that the equitisation of State-owned enterprises should be intensified in an effective and legitimate manner. 

Regarding the measles outbreak in recent weeks, Dung asked the Health Ministry to continue taking drastic measures to prevent the virus from spreading further. 

Special attention should be paid to preventing and controlling other diseases, he said. 

During the meeting, Cabinet members also reviewed the socio-economic situation in April and in the first four months of 2014, and discussed how to best achieve the targets set for this year. 

They cited the successes recorded during January-April, including maintaining macro-economic stability and curbing inflation, which, they said, will help the country fulfil its yearly targets. 

However, they also said the economy is facing various difficulties and challenges, adding the husbandry sector is encountering epidemics and industrial production is seeing low sales and high materials costs.

They said it is necessary to focus on solving difficulties for production and business, boosting sales of commodities and fighting trade fraud. 
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