Philippines imports 100,000 tonnes of Vietnamese rice

The Vietnam Southern Food Corporation (Vinafood 2) has won a 100,000-tonnes rice import contract from the Filipino National Food Authority (NFA), Vinafood said on June 7.

The NFA sent bid invitations to both Thailand and Vietnam for 100,000 tonnes of rice, and Vietnam won the Philippine tender after having offered the lower price.

As scheduled, the rice shipment from Vietnam will be completed in June.

Vinafood 2 will also have an opportunity to bid on another Philippine tender for 20,000 tonnes.

The Philippines plans to import 500,000 tonnes of rice this year, in which 380,000 tonnes will be delivered under business to business contracts.

Vietnam’s rice export turnover hit a five-moth record high of 788,296 tonnes, increasing by 12 percent compared to the same period last year.