Keeping power in check in realizing resolution on Party building

VOV.VN - On September 23, the Party leader and State President Nguyen Phu Trong issued Regulation 205 on keeping power in check in personnel work. The regulation creates a tool to ensure personnel work in realizing Party resolutions on Party building.

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Vietnam’s renewal imposes several important tasks concerning economics, politics, society, culture, national defense, security and external relations.

These tasks require the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) to revise and develop its platform and guidelines, and increase its ruling capacity and fighting spirit. The State also needs to fine-tune the insitutions and laws toward  building and improving the efficiency and performance of the socialist law-governed state and the political system.

Party officials, Party members, and civil servants, especially leaders and managers are required to have good morality, dignity, intellectuality, prestige and capacity to fulfill their assigned tasks.

Enforcing power and keeping power in check in the right way to prevent negatives and power abuse in personnel work and ensures effective leadership and management in the context of Vietnam’s extensive international integration.

Keeping power in check is crucial

The Communist Party of Vietnam’s regulation on keeping power in check aims to to fight the use of money and influence to get positions of power, purify the contingent of officials, and select capable and qualified persons for Party committees at all levels.

Keeping power in check has always been important to ruling Parties and law-governed states. Despite different opinions on the methods and definitions stipulated in the legal systems of different countries, keeping power in check plays a crucial role in every country. It’s a reality that abusing power and corrupting power are latent in all political institutions and all countries.

Therefore, keeping power in check and ensuring law enforcement are important to ensure rapid, stable, and sustainable development in any country. In the US, for example, corruption prevention is implemented comprehensively from perventing to montoring.

The government plays an important role in proposing, compiling, and guiding law enforcement as in Vietnam. In the UK, keeping power in check is an effective way to ensure social democracy. Keeping power in check and preventing corruption, law violations, and degradation of morality among civil servants are stipulated in regulations and implemented in all countries.

Improving Party capacity, fighting spirit

Issuing a regulation on keeping power in check in personnel work and fighting the use of money and influence to get positions of power is the normal work of the Vietnamese Party and State, as it is in other countries.

Based on Vietnam’s history, culture, politics, and society, Vietnamese people are determined to pursue a proletarian revolutionary path and national independence in combination with socialism. This is the true, progressive revolutionary path that matches the objective law and the Vietnamese people’s desire.

Along that path, the Communist Party of Vietnam has no other interests than the interests of the Vietnamese nation and people. The Constitution defines the Party’s leadership role in the State and society as obvious and suitable to a ruling Party and international practices.


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