Hung Yen celebrates 180th anniversary

State President Truong Tan Sang has urged Hung Yen province to fully tap its potential to become an exemplary role model for development in the Red River Delta.

Addressing a ceremony to mark the 180th anniversary of the province on November 27, President Sang analysed Vietnam’s opportunities and challenges in carrying out socio-economic development tasks in 2012 and the following years.

“The recent 11th National Party Congress adopted a resolution setting a target for Vietnam to become a modern industrial nation by 2020,” said Mr Sang. “Meeting the target will require a greater effort from the entire Party and people, including the Hung Yen provincial Party Committee.”

He asked the province to take the lead in the process of national industrialisation and modernisation and international integration in order to make breakthroughs in its development.

According to the President, Hung Yen should develop high-quality human resources, reform its educational system, complete infrastructure and apply the latest scientific and technological advances in production to increase the added value of its products.

He said the locality should pay more attention to socio-cultural development, healthcare services, and environmental protection, while maintaining political security, promoting grassroots-level democracy and building a healthy, competent and highly combative administration.

The President conferred the Ho Chi Minh Order, a noble distinction of the Party and State, on Hung Yen in recognition of its achievements over the years.

Since it split from the former Hai Hung province in 1997, Hung Yen has achieved an annual economic growth of 12 percent. Its industrial production value has hit VND22 trillion in 2011, a 50fold increase compared to 1997. Its GDP per capita has also reached VND22 million this year.