Ho Chi Minh’s Testament and international influence

(VOV) - Though President Ho passed away in 1969, his Testament has served as a lodestar for the Vietnamese revolution to weather any storms and reap success on its path to socialism. His lessons remain fresh today not only for Vietnam but also communist movements globally.

In the Testament, President Ho pointed out urgent issues the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) should address to successfully build socialism in the country for the sake of its people.

He was also concerned about the international communist movements. He wrote, “Serving my whole life for the revolution, the more I am proud about the rapid growth of the international communists and workers’ movements, the more I am worried about the discord between the fraternal parties.”

“I hope that our Party will do its best to effectively contribute to the restoration of solidarity among the fraternal Parties on the basis of Marxist - Leninism and proletarian internationalism. I totally believe that the fraternal parties and countries will definitely have to unite."

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Ho Chi Minh attended the Congress of the French Socialist Party at Tours in 1930

When chairing a conference on the founding of the Communist Party of Vietnam in February 1930 in Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh confirmed that the Vietnamese revolution is an integral part of the network of Communist Parties worldwide. That’s why during the search for national salvation, he not only strived to wrest back national independence and freedom for his people, but also strived for peace, democracy and progress in the world.

Under the leader ship of the CPV and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam re-gained national independence and freedom from the success of the August 1945 Revolution, and later victories of the resistance wars against the French (1954) and American (1975) aggression. Reality shows these victories made an important contribution to the struggle for national liberation of colonial peoples worldwide. Ho Chi Minh was really a staunch revolutionary and pioneer in the national liberation movement in the world.

Admired by President Ho’s qualities, Red Rights newspaper of former Czech & Slovakia published his Testament in its September 9, 1989 edition, stressed Ho Chi Minh, together with his Testament, was of all international communist, workers and revolutionary movements. He was listed among celebrities whose life and career was beyond national borders.

Dr Chu Duc Tinh, former director of the Ho Chi Minh Museum, says President Ho’s desire for international solidarity is demonstrated in his national patriotism and the spirit of proletarian internationalism.

“His wish has guided the country during the last years of the anti-US resistance war and will continue to be a lodestar for the Party and people of Vietnam on the road to socialism ahead,” Tinh says. “Despite recent global crisis, the Communist Party of Vietnam has stood firm, becoming the mainstay of international communist movements.”

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President Ho Chi Minh and Russian children in August 1957

Realising President Ho’s Testament on international solidarity, the CPV has always promoted pure, noble and faithful internationalism, doing its best to greatly contribute to consolidating solidarity between the communist and workers parties.

At the same time, it has strengthened and developed international relations in the new context, considering this a key factor in ensuring the victory of the cause of building and defending socialism in the country.

To this end, the CPV has initiated and consistently carried out a foreign policy of independence, self-reliance, openness, multilateralisation and diversification of international relations. Vietnam is willing to befriend and be a reliable partner of all countries in the international community, striving for peace, independence and development.

President Ho spent five years completing his 10-page Testament, considering all social strata and all aspects of life. The Testament serves as a practical summary and guideline for the country in its development process.

Dr Pham Hong Chuong from the Ho Chi Minh and Other Party Leaders Institute says the Testament is imbued with Ho Chi Minh’s Thought on the revolutionary cause.

“The great leader selected key issues and then proposed solutions to these issues, creating drastic revolutionary changes in a constantly evolving world. They are President Ho’s special qualities we should study and grasp from him,” says Chuong.