Former Party leader Do Muoi makes mark on Vietnam’s renewal

VOV.VN - Former Party leader Do Muoi devoted his lifetime to national independence and development and the people’s happiness.

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In any position he held, Mr. Muoi was a person of action. He was a leader who worked closely with the people and made a mark on national renewal.

Former Party leader Do Muoi held several positions in different localities. He participated in the national liberation struggle, was arrested and imprisoned by the enemy, contributed to setting an administration, and led revolutionary movements in several localities. In any position, he successfully fulfilled his tasks.

During his 19 years at the Council of Ministers, Mr. Do Muoi was Minister of Construction, Minister of Trade, and Head of the State Pricing Committee. He was Chairman of the Council of Ministers for 3 years, a member of the Politburo for 5 tenures, Permanent Member of the Party Secretariat, Party General Secretary, and Adviser to the Party Central Committee.

The former Party leader made a mark on national industrialization with several projects in the past despite numerous difficulties: the Uong Bi and Pha Lai thermo-power plants, the Hoa Binh hydro-power plant, and the construction of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

The former Party leader is remembered as an outstanding leader of national renewal and a leader of action.

Pham Huu Hoa, a resident of Hanoi’s Hai Ba Trung district, said, “I remember Mr. Do Muoi as a man who led a pure life and a leader who knew how to use talent. When the country was in its most difficult period, he managed to bring the country out of those difficulties. Mr. Do Muoi dared to accept differences. They are the things I like about him.”

Former Party leader Do Muoi’s contributions to Vietnam’s renewal in the late 1980s were praised by the international community. He was the Vietnamese Party leader when the world and Vietnam were facing numerous political and economic difficulties.

During his tenure, Vietnam reached important milestones and breakthroughs in its external policy: it joined ASEAN, signed a Partnership and Comprehensive Cooperation Agreement with the EU, and normalized relations with the US.


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