FM spokesperson asks China to respect Vietnam’s sovereignty in East Sea

VOV.VN - A Foreign Ministry spokesperson on March 26 requested that China respect Vietnam’s sovereignty over its territory in the East Sea following the northern neighbour putting into operation two research stations on Vietnam’s Truong Sa also known as the Spratly archipelago.

fm spokesperson asks china to respect vietnam’s sovereignty in east sea hinh 0
Da Chu Thap (Fiery Cross Reef) has been illegally transformed into outposts by China
“Vietnam has repeatedly stated it has sufficient historical and legal evidence to prove its sovereignty over Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelagoes in line with international law. As a result of this legal proof, all activities that take place there must be subject to permission being granted by Vietnam,” stated Foreign Ministry spokesperson Le Thu Hang during an online press conference held in Hanoi.

“Vietnam asks China to respect Vietnamese sovereignty by not taking action to increase tensions, complicate the situation, and affect peace and stability in the East Sea and the region, as well as the countries’ ongoing efforts in negotiating the Code of Conduct in the East Sea.”

The statement comes after the Xinhua News Agency reported on March 20 that China had inaugurated two research stations on Da Chu Thap, also known as the Fiery Cross Reef, and Subi Reef. These reefs are among a chain of seven marine features that are part of Vietnam’s Spratly archipelago and have been illegally transformed into outposts by China.

According to Xinhua, the two research centres, which contain laboratories on ecology, geology, and the environment, would be used to support scientists in field investigation, sampling and scientific research on the Spratly archipelago.

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