China, Vietnam share social development expertise

(VOV) -The Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and the Communist Party of China (CPC) commenced their 11th theoretical workshop in the Chinese city of Shanghai on June 17, to share experiences in social management and development.

In his speech, Politburo member and Secretary of the CPV Central Committee, Dinh The Huynh, said Vietnam’s reform process began some 30 years ago as the cause of the people, by the people and for the people.

Therefore, the CPV has continually paid heed to social issues, especially social welfare, in economic development.

Huynh added that Vietnam has made substantial achievements in ensuring welfare and developing and managing society, ultimately contributing to economic growth and political stability.

The two sides said that the theoretical workshop would help them gain insight into building socialism in their respective countries. It is also a chance for them to exchange experiences in social management and development for the sake of people’s happiness and wealth.

Earlier, they also held talks to share their views on relations between the Parties and States and on cooperation between the CPV Committee's Commission for Communications and Education and the China Publicity Department.