Buddhists praised for charity work

Deputy Prime Minister Truong Vinh Trong said on July 15 that he highly valued the contributions made by dignitaries, clergymen and followers of the Minh Su and Minh Ly sects during the wars of resistance against foreign aggressors and during the period of national reconstruction.

Trong was receiving delegations from the Buddhist Sanghas (monkhood) of the Nam Tong Minh Su sect and the Minh Ly sect (Tam Tong Mieu) in Hanoi on July 15.

He said the two sects were religious members of the great Vietnamese family and with others to provide humanitarian aid by linking religious beliefs with patriotism and national pride.

“The Minh Su and Minh Ly sects have unceasingly promoted solidarity with other religions and have a policy of promoting life and religion,” he said.

He said that dignitaries, clergymen and followers of the two sects promoted the quintessence of the Nam Tong Sangha, while implementing Party and State policies. They also promote unity amongst religions and ethnic groups in Vietnam’s extended family, which helps to guard against hostile forces.

Representatives of the two sects said they were grateful to Party and State authorities for their help in enabling both sects to develop and connect their beliefs with humanitarian activities, building up the community and strengthening patriotic sense and national pride.

Later the same day, leaders from the Vietnam Fatherland Front's Central Committee warmly received the two religious delegations.