Saigontourist launches pre-Tet tours

Saigontourist Travel Service has launched a range of tour programs ahead of Tet (Lunar New Year) for tourists, especially overseas Vietnamese who wish to return home with old memories of the country.

There are tours from Ho Chi Minh City to Ben Tre from January 19 to February 3 (the 10th to the 25th of the twelfth lunar month), such as a two-day tour to Ben Tre – Lach Market - Vinh Bac flower village priced from VND1.879 million per person with departure on January 20 and 24; a one-day tour to  Ben Tre at VND750,000 per guest with departure on January 31 and February 2; a one-day tour to Cai Be - Vinh Long at VND979,000 with departure  on January 22, 25 and 27; a one-day tour to Go Cong at VND679,000 per customer with departure on January 31 and February 2; a one-day tour to Sa  Dec flower village – Lai Vung mandarin orange garden at VND879,000 per person with departure on January 19, 21 and 23; a two-day tour to Sa Dec flower village - Cao Lanh - Lai Vung mandarin orange garden at VND1.879  million per pax with departure on January 19, 21 and 23; and a one-day tour to My Tho - Thoi Son at VND979,000 per guest with departure on January 30, and February 1 and 3.

Those short tours are ideal for tourists who want to get a feel of the pre-Tet jubilant atmosphere and buy some local specialties to ring in the Lunar New Year.

The spirit of Tet

The festive ambiance is not only found at bustling traditional wet markets but also at spring flower festivals. Tourists to the Mekong Delta at this time of year have the opportunity to eye-witness local residents making preparations for the biggest annual holiday, and  the most beautiful scenes.

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In thepeaceful countryside, tourists can  join a local family to make banh tet, a traditional glutinous rice cake stuffed  with pork and ground green beans, and wrapped in banana leaves.

From the 20th of the twelfth lunar month, floating markets will enter their busiest trading time of year with all sorts of products and fruits carried there from all parts of the Mekong Delta. Tourists can see a busy trading atmosphere and bring home some delicious specialties like star apples, mandarin oranges, coconut jam, fermented pork, mangoes, pomelos and longan.

Unique experience

Pre-Tet tours will take in popular gardens and flower villages in the  Mekong Delta, including Sa Dec, Cai Mon and My Tho, the largest Tet flower suppliers of Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces. Tours to Ben Tre  – Lach Market – Vinh Bac flower village are good for tourists who wish to visit popular flower villages and buy special local products like  pomelos, bonsai and transplants.

Tours to Cai Be – Vinh Long take  in Cai Be floating market where travelers can explore the daily life  of local people on the river while tours to An Binh Islet help people  discover 100-year-old houses of southern Vietnam with French and  Vietnamese architecture.

Tourists to Go Cong can meet talented artisans of an altar making village in Tien Giang Province and join  in traditional activities to prepare for Tet like making banh tet or visit a  flower market and savor traditional dishes of Lunar New Year, take a junk  ride and listen to southern opera.

Tourists also have a chance to win some attractive prizes in a promotion program launched by Saigontourist  from December 12 to March 10. The grand prize will be a five-star cruise  to Japan, Korea and China.

Saigontourist Travel Service is located at 45 Le Th anh Ton Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Tel: 08 3827 9279,  0919 511 279 – 19001808, website:

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