Lang Biang Plateau

VOV.VN - Lang Biang or Lam Vien mountain, 12 km from Da Lat city, is a popular tourist destination. Visiting the mountain, you will stroll along paths in lush pine forests and explore some magnificent nature.

From its peak, you will get a panoramic view of Da Lat.

Lang Biang Mountain is the highest point in Lam Dong province. Covering more than 275,000 ha, the mountain was designated in 2015 by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. 

It covers Bidoup-Nui Ba National Park, one of Vietnam’s four natural biodiversity reserves. 

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Vu Van Tu, Director of Lam Dong Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion Center, said, “A moderate climate and stunning scenery are the attractions of Lang Biang mountain. At an altitude of 2,000 m above sea level, tourists can enjoy fresh pure air and the feeling of flying on clouds."

"From the top of the mountain, there is a panoramic view of Da Lat city. Visiting the mountain, you can learn about the cultures and traditions of central highlands tribes,” he added.

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Tourists can climb both summits of the Lang Biang World Biosphere Reserve. The first summit at 1,915m can be reached on foot by a small path through the lush pine forests that are reflected in Dankia lake. 

The second summit, at 2,169m, is reserved for those with more stamina. The climb is strenuous, especially in the last kilometer, when the trail climbs steeply. 

Hong Quan, a local resident, shared, “We cannot talk about Da Lat without mentioning Lang Biang. Lang Biang is a mountain that has witnessed many love stories of people living at its foot. All young people love to climb the hills. It's cold but the scenery is breathtaking”.

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If you are not fond of climbing, you can rent one of the jeeps waiting in the parking lot or take a horse cart. 

Bich Chi, a guide with the Saigon Tourist agency, noted. Going by jeep is safer and faster. After 10 minutes traveling the meandering and steep paths between lush green pine forests, you will be at the top. It’s a wonderful experience for thrill seekers”.

Reaching the top of the mountain, deep in cloud, you will have a bird’s eye-view of the whole city, peaceful Dankia peaceful lake, and the Vang river winding like a giant ribbon between the trees. 

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Mai Lan from Dong Nai said, “We chose Langbiang for our honeymoon. Upon our arrival, all our tiredness vanished. This is truly the land of happiness”

After enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can sample wine and local food specialties while enjoying gong and traditional dance performances.


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