Hoai Duc set to become modern urban center

VOV.VN - In addition to Dan Phuong, Dong Anh, and Thanh Tri, Hoai Duc has recently become the fourth outlying district of Hanoi to meet new style rural standards. Hoai Duc wants to become a new urban center of Hanoi.

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Hoai Duc is set to become modern urban center (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

Located about 16 km west of Hanoi, Hoai Duc district is an agricultural area that grows rice and fruit trees and is home to some traditional craft villages.

The district is one of the leaders in new-style rural development. They signed a commitment in 2011 to encourage communes to compete with each other in building new-style rural areas; launched a movement in 2013 to involve everyone in the district in building commune and hamlet roads and irrigation systems; and organized competitions on new rural development for young people.

Ly Van Huong from Van Yen commune said, “Under the new rural development program, more investment has been made in infrastructure, schools, and social security. People have benefited from new roads, electricity, and safer water.”

Yen So commune was selected to pilot the new-style rural development program. By the end of 2016, all communes in Hoai Duc had met the new-style rural criteria. To date all local communes and towns have met national health standards; most of 128 villages have been designated ‘cultural villages’; and every hamlet has a house for community cultural activities.

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A new residential area in Hoai Duc (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

Nguyen Khac But, Vice President of Tien Le Agricultural Cooperative in Tien Yen commune, told VOV that recognized as a specialized farming area, the commune has been awarded a project worth US$440,000 and an irrigation system. The district has taught farmers specialized farming techniques and a closed production process from planting to consumption. The cooperative has cooperated with four companies to guarantee outlets for farm produce. Over the past three years, Tien Le co-operative has enjoyed stable production and successfully developed its brand.

The highlight of Hoai Duc’s new rural development program is specialized cultivation areas. High profit fruit trees like longans, pomelos, oranges, apples, and guavas are grown in Dac So, Yen So, and Cat Que communes.

Since meeting the new-style rural criteria, Hoai Duc has set a goal of becoming a satellite urban center of Hanoi. The district plans to devote its eastern region to urban development and make its western region an agricultural development zone.

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Rice and vegetable fields in Hoai Duc (Photo: Ngoc Anh)

Vuong Duy Huong, Secretary of Hoai Duc district’s Party Committee, said, “Hoai Duc has combined new-style rural building and urban development. The district has expanded agricultural production models, built trade centers and supermarkets, promoted industry and handicrafts, and mobilized resources for infrastructure construction. Hoai Duc intends to become an urban district of Hanoi by 2020."

Last year Hoai Duc’s growth rate was 11%. Its economic structure has been changing to industry, trade, and service.