Vietnam’s consumer confidence index hike

Vietnam’s Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) was 91 points in the second quarter of this year, six point higher than the same period last year, according to a Vietnam Taylor Nelson Sofres Company survey.

vietnam’s consumer confidence index hike hinh 0

In the first quarter, the index was 51 points.

The index was based on Vietnamese nationals’ expectations of the value of the domestic currency, employment, economy and personal living standards.

The company revealed that households who earn more than VND13 million  (US$600) monthly account for 57% of the population while 30% earn from VND6.5 million (US$292) to VND13.5 million (US$607) monthly.

The ratio has improved remarkably over the last decade when only 5% of households earned more than VND13 million and 17% earned between VND6.5 million and VND13.5 million.


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