Vietnam - second largest cattle importer of Australia

Vietnam was the second largest live cattle importer of Australia last fiscal year with 309,505 heads exported, up 136 percent, according to the Australian Association of Exporters of Live Cattle and Meat on August 15.

During the period, Australia exported 1.38 million heads of cattle total, up an annual 22 percent, and brought home US$1.04 billion – a 29 percent rise. 

Indonesia continues to be the largest importer with 746,193 heads last year, representing a 20 percent increase. 

vietnam - second largest cattle importer of australia hinh 0
Statistics showed that roughly 2.2 million live sheep worth US$181 million were shipped abroad, marking respective rises of 9 percent and 32 percent in quantity and value. Its major market is the Middle East, which accounts for 97 percent. 

The association said the live cattle export industry is seeking new markets and increased productivity.