US - major suitcase, bag import partner of Vietnam

(VOV) - The US is presently considered a big importer of Vietnam suitcases and bags, accounting for more than US$1 billion out of total US$2.4 billion in export value, far exceeding other key markets-the EU and Japan.

In the first ten months leading up to November, suitcase and bag exports expanded 14.3% to more than US$2.4 billion, said Leather, Footwear and Handbag Association (LEFASO) Vice Chairman Diep Thanh Kiet

us - major suitcase, bag import partner of vietnam hinh 0

Foreign direct investment (FDI) businesses from the Republic of Korea (RoK)- a key factor in bolstering exports in this filed- constituted roughly 80% of total export earnings.

Meanwhile domestic businesses (except only 1- 2 firms meet criteria for global production chains) principally manufacture and outsource products.