SMAC will become commonplace in Vietnam

Vietnam is witnessing a growing trend in the application of future technologies such as Big Data and Cloud computing into business activities.

This information was stressed at the conference “SMAC 2015: Connecting values – Evoking potentials” held by MobiFone on December 2 in Ho Chi Minh City. The conference, which was addressed by special guest Steve Wozniak, spurred excitement among the 400 business leaders in attendance. Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, is credited with inventing the Apple I and Apple II personal computers, which sparked a technological revolution in Silicon Valley, and took the US, and indeed the world, by storm.

At the event, Wozniak shared the successful story of SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud) application at Apple. “We began to develop an ecosystem by building an application for the first iPhone. Due to the increasing number of new applications, we introduced the App Store one year after the debut of the iPhone. The service allows users to browse and download applications that are developed with Apple  as well as attracting a large number of third-party developers writing new software for the iPhone and iPod touch. The marketplace’s ecosystem of smartphone programs is a remarkable progress which helped generate more sales for the first iPhone,” he said.

He went on to state that Cloud computing and Big Data were growing fields, especially as mobile data connection becomes a common thing today. SMAC technology helps start-ups and businesses in several ways. Amazon aids start-ups to open up a store online and increase sales, while Microsoft Office 365 enables business owners to effectively manage their business documents.

According to Cao Duy Hai, general director of MobiFone, the company has been one of the pioneers in the application of Big Data in business management over the past two years. With a vision of connecting values and evoking potentials, MobiFone aims to build an ecosystem to facilitate strengthened ties among enterprises and partners, as well as creating added value for the business community. 

“In addition, joining the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) will spur competition among enterprises in Vietnam, forcing them to expand their markets. Business owners need to comprehend their customers’ behaviour so they can adjust their products and marketing strategies accordingly. To this end, Big Data and Cloud computing can enhance their competitiveness and creativity,” Hai said.

Luu Danh Anh Vu, IBM’s country manager for Cloud, stated that the Vietnamese business community would face tougher competition from foreign-invested enterprises bringing services and products to Vietnam via Cloud computing. Crucially, such companies do not even need a permanent presence in the country. Thankfully, more and more Vietnamese companies are becoming aware of the positive impact and potential of implementing new technologies in business.

“In addition to leading corporations like MobiFone and other multinational groups, the latest trend of applying SMAC in business operations has continued to grow over the past few years. Many firms have begun to use some services offered by Cloud computing to save on expenses as well as promoting their greater IT efficiency and agility,” Vu added.

Echoing this view, AV Parthasarathy, director of management consulting at KPMG ASEAN, said that, “Vietnam boasts 32 million mobile internet users with an average usage time of the hours per day. Therefore, using Big Data and analytics will support managers to measure their business accurately, comprehend market psychology, and make more accurate decisions to retain customers and reach new ones.”