Meat imported from EU up sixfold

(VOV) - Frozen fresh pork imported into Vietnam from the EU has jumped 7.5 fold to 6,100 tonnes while imported beef has risen by sixfold to more than 1,000 tonnes over the past three years.

Vietnam becomes a target market of the European pork and beef producers and exporters, said Agnieszka Rózanska, President of the Union of Producers and Employers of the Meat Industry (UPEMI). 

EU beef and pork exports to Vietnam are expected to increase by 5% after the “Tradition, Quality and European Taste” campaign launched by UPEMI in the country ends in July 2016, Rózanska added.

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Around 100 exporters from EU countries have been licenced to ship meat to Vietnam, 40% of them are from Poland.

However, the UPEMI representative said, EU meat is facing fierce competition from US and Australian rivals due to its higher price. That is why, in its initial period, the campaign, which was launched in July 2013, targeted distributors, wholesalers, importers, local manufacturers and processors, industry associations, and five-star hotels.

The UPEMI chose the first three countries, namely the Republic of Korea, the US and Vietnam to carry out its campaign to promote the sale of EU beef and pork.