KPMG Vietnam launches Marketplace service

KPMG, one of the Big4 and the leading firm in audit and professional services, announced on June 22 that it will be launching a new service to provide corporations and organisations access to highly trained professionals for short-term secondments.

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One major concern for many businesses nowadays is seasonality and unexpected demands that cannot be effectively managed through the regular recruitment process. 

These are include the need for extra resources during end of month or year end deadlines, periods of leave, or simply filling a gap between one employee finishing and another starting. These needs may vary from week to week, and often require immediate short term manpower resources.

Aimed to balance the level of business demand with the supply of labor force, KPMG Vietnam’s Marketplace gives corporations and organisations a reliable solution in the form of short-term secondments. 

Without going through the time-consuming recruitment and training processes, corporations and organisations will immediately have access to KPMG’s world-wide professional knowledge, diverse skills, expertise, technology and best practices.

Furthermore, KPMG Vietnam provides access to professionals with a wide range of capabilities, ranging from analysing and transforming data, designing a more efficient and effective reporting to assisting in administrative management tasks such as project support, logistics and functional reporting to enable on time and on budget project delivery.

“We are very excited about this offering which will complement the range of our services provided in Vietnam,” said Jan Martinek, KPMG Vietnam’s partner.

“With the launch of the Marketplace service, we have moved another step ahead to become a truly one stop shop for all potential business needs any company can struggle with irrespective of its size and complexity. As a group of professionals who work with passion and purpose, we are here to help our clients to anticipate tomorrow and deliver today,” Martinek added.  

To submit a request for KPMG’s assistance, corporations and organisations can simply state their business resource needs either by sending email to or submit easily


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