India – key supplier of pharmaceuticals for Vietnam

VOV.VN - India has been the top supplier of pharmaceuticals for Vietnam as from last year with a value of US$22.4 million, accounting for 12.5% of Vietnam’s total pharmaceutical imports in January.

india – key supplier of pharmaceuticals for vietnam hinh 0
The Republic of Korea came second with US$19.5 million, up 2.26% which was followed by Germany with US$18.6 million, up 59.22% against the same period last year.

Particularly, drug imports from Canada saw a skyrocket growth of 1076.5% to just US$1.3 million while imports from Singapore dropped sharply by 84.98% to US$322,000.

Russia has become a new supplier of pharmaceutical products for Vietnam with a value of US$293,200.

Drug imports in the first month of this year hit US$183.8 million, down 17.6% against December and 7.2% over January last year.

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