Imports of garment and footwear materials from Canada surge strongly

VOV.VN - Imports of materials for garment and footwear industries from Canada saw a tremendous growth of 179.8% to US$11.8 million in the first four months of this year, according to the statistics from the General Department of Vietnam Customs.

imports of garment and footwear materials from canada surge strongly hinh 0
Imports of the products in April reached US$497.05 million, bringing the total import value in four months to US$1.74 billion, down 0.02% against the corresponding period last year.

Currently, the five major suppliers with a value of more than US$100 million each are China, the Republic of Korea, Taiwan, the US and Southeast Asian countries. China took the lead at more than US$645.95 million (down 4.3%), accounting for 37.2% of Vietnam’s total imports, trailed by the RoK (down 5.1% to nearly US$226.16 million), Taiwan (down 11.2% to US$148.11 million), the US (up 14% to US$118.83 million) and Southeast Asian countries (up 14.2% to US$113.55 million).

It’s noteworthy that imports of the materials from many markets particularly from Canada increased against the same period last year.

Meanwhile, imports from other markets suffered a sharp decline, including Argentina (down 51% to US$7.68 million), New Zealand (down 50.3% to US$4.23 million), France (down 41.6% to US$1.3 million), Austria (down 32.8% to US$0.44 million) and Germany (down 31.4% to US$8.44 million).


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