Danish breeding pigs arrive in Vietnam

VOV.VN - The Hoa Phat Agricultural Development Joint Stock Company has announced that is has received a shipment from Denmark of 500 young pigs 10-18 weeks old, weighing 40-60 kg each, that will be used for breeding stock purposes.

danish breeding pigs arrive in vietnam hinh 0
“This import brings exciting new breeding prospects to Vietnam,” said Tran Tuan Duong, the general manager of the company, as it brings new blood lines not yet present in the country.

The pigs have unique lines from DanBred International, one of the globe’s leading breeding coordinators, he said, which guarantees our future stock will have strengthened competitiveness on the world market.

We are extremely excited about what these pigs will offer to our Vietnamese breeding program and are confident this import will lead to establishing us as the largest breeder in Vietnam in the very near future.

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