Making Chu Lai Open Economic Zone a preeminent economic hub

(VOV) - Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has asked Quang Nam province and its relevant ministries work towards making the Chu Lai Open Economic Zone Vietnam’s largest economic hub.

Phuc issued his urging during an August 17 ceremony commemorating the 10th anniversary of the zone’s establishment and awarding it the Labour Order, Third Class.

Chu Lai has thus far granted investment licenses to 89 projects capitalised at US$1.514 billion, a tally including 21 foreign-invested projects. Sixty-two out of 82 planned projects have already been implemented with total investment capital of US$783 million.

Some of the zone’s most notable successes are the Chu Lai Truong Hai automobile mechanical industrial park, the Chu Lai Float Glass Plant, and the Chu Lai Soda Production Factory.

Its 2013 projects range from a US$25 million German-funded Chu Lai Nui Thanh urban area waste water treatment project to developing Chu Lai Airport into an international cargo transport centre.

The Prime Minister has selected Chu Lai Open Economic Zone as one of five leading national economic zones deserving preferential attention over the 2013–2015 period. The zone generates nearly 50,000 jobs in the province.

In addition to the zone’s Labour Order, its management board was also licensed to invest US$1.6 billion in an international port and Doctor Thanh industrial park.