Vietnamese starters grab foreign headlines

VOV.VN - Vietnam is one of the world’s best countries for food, and Vietnamese cuisine, especially starters, always leaves tourists wanting for more, according to Will Fly for Food, a travel blog for people who love to eat.

Bánh Cuốn (steamed rice roll), a northern Vietnamese dish that’s become popular throughout the country, is a top suggestion.

The rice rolls are made from a thin sheet of steamed fermented rice batter filled with seasoned ground pork and wood ear mushrooms.

Topped with herbs and fried shallots and served with a bowl of nước chấm (Vietnamese fish sauce), they’re typically served with a side dish of giò lụa (Vietnamese pork sausage), sliced cucumber, and bean sprouts.

Bánh bao bánh vạc (White Rose Dumplings), a regional dish available only in Hoi An, is delicious and a must-try in central Vietnam. The recipe for this dish is a well-guarded secret that’s been kept in the family for three generations, it wrote.

The article also mentioned Bánh Huế which refers to a family of rice flour cakes popular in Hue and central Vietnam. Types of Bánh Huế include bánh nậm, bánh lọc, bánh bèo, bánh ram ít, bánh ướt, and chả tôm.

They taste relatively similar – silky, soft, and loaded with umami, a travel blogger shared.

Bánh cống is a popular dish in southern Vietnam. It’s a muffin-shaped snack made with mung beans, taro, and whole shrimp with their heads and shell still intact.

Bột chiên, one of the most popular Vietnamese street food from Ho Chi Minh City, is another good suggestion for any traveler.

Bột chiên is basically rice flour mixed with tapioca starch that’s steamed, cooled, and then cut into flat squares before being pan-fried in lard with some egg and green onions until it turns golden brown and crispy.

It’s served with a refreshing side of green papaya salad and a thickened sweet sauce to offset the oiliness.

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