Top 7 most wonderful waterfalls in Vietnam

VOV.VN - In addition to boasting magnificent natural beauty with rolling mountains and beautiful beaches with golden sands, Vietnam is famous for its amazing waterfalls lying across the country.

Here are the seven most wonderful waterfalls in Vietnam as selected by Vietnamese magazine Saigon Tiep Thi:

Ban Gioc Waterfall

Located in Dam Thuy commune of Trung Khanh district in Cao Bang province, Ban Gioc Waterfall is widely considered one of the most priceless gifts that nature has bestowed on the province.

With a height of 53 metres and a width of 300 metres, the waterfall has three levels, including many different large and small falls. Large bodies of water pour down through limestone, forming special white mist.

Ban Gioc is the world’s fourth largest border-crossing waterfalls and is attractive due to its picturesque blue sky background, great limestone mountains, and stunning rice fields, together with the daily life of locals.

Dray Nur & Dray Sap waterfalls

Dray Nur and Dray Sap are the two most beautiful waterfalls situated on the Serepok river.

Legend has it that the Serepok river was just a winding stream in the jungle many years ago. At that time, a young man in Kuop Hamlet fell in love with a girl from another village that was across the river. However, the two families had a feud meaning that the couple could not be together. The pair then chose to commit suicide together in the Serepok river so they could be alongside each other forever in the afterlife.

Feeling angry at the villagers' selfishness, a god named Giang created a storm and split the Serepok river into two streams, cutting the connection between the two villages.

These two branches were named, the Krong Ana river, the Female river, which forms the Dray Nur Waterfall, and the Krong Kno river, the Male river, which forms the Dray Sap Waterfall. Since then, the Dray Nur and Dray Sap waterfalls have been bound together in one stream.

Dambri Waterfall 

Situated roughly 18 km from Bao Loc city in Lam Dong province, the largest waterfall of the Central Highlands of Vietnam called "Waiting" roars throughout the day and night.

Dambri waterfall stands at 70 metres high and appears like the 'soft hair' of the Central Highlands mountains and jungles.

The K'ho ethnic people in Lam Dong said that the Dambri waterfall is related to a love story. According to a legend, the waterfall was created by the tears of a K'ho winab who sat at the place where the waterfall is today to cry and wait for her lover. In the K’ho language, Dambri means "waiting."

Hang En Waterfall

Located inside the Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve in K'Bang district, Hang En Waterfall, also known as the K50 waterfall, has been dubbed “the fairy of the forest”.

The waterfall is roughly 54 metres high and has an impressive width of between 20  - 100 metres depending on the season.

Getting to the Hang En Waterfall is a challenge, particularly as travelers have to negotiate a two-day journey on the dangerous jungle path.

Usually, the best time to visit the Hang En waterfall is between January and June.

Before the journey, tourists should inform the rangers at Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve in advance and check the weather in order to avoid any unexpected rain to ensure that they will not miss out on any part of this interesting adventure.

Ma Hao Waterfall

Ma Hao Waterfall in Nang Cat village of a Tri Nang commune in Lang Chanh district is considered to be one of the most beautiful places throughout the central province of Thanh Hoa.

It covers a total area of 178.14ha and is an attractive spot of Chi Linh mountain, a mountain that was the the hideout of Lam Son insurgent troops during their 10 years of hardship in the 15th century.

Bao Dai Waterfall

Bao Dai Waterfall, also known as Jráiblian falls, is named after the country’s last emperor.

It’s said that Bao Dai, who lived from 1913 to 1997, would stop there on his numerous hunting trips to the region, during which he and his royal entourage would hunt wild tigers and elephants, among other magnificent animals, all of which are now almost entirely gone from the forests and mountains.

Travelers to the site often spend time observing the mesmerising cascade and age-old trees covering cliffs which runs along the path leading to the foot of the waterfall. Guests have to weave their way through such cliffs to get to the foot of the fall, although the scenery along the path is so spectacular that it prompts most of travelers to take as many photos as possible.

Leng Gung Waterfall

Leng Gung Waterfall, also known as Seven Floor Waterfall, is located in the Nam Nung Nature Reserve, which belongs to Duc Xuyen commune in Dak Nong province.

Whilst the landscape around the waterfall remains primitive, tourists will have the chance to admire the wild, rustic, majestic nature, and fresh air from the green forests.


Two Vietnamese waterfalls among world’s most beautiful: MSN
Two Vietnamese waterfalls among world’s most beautiful: MSN

Two waterfalls in Vietnam were recently named in the list of the world’s 14 most charming waterfalls by US Microsoft’s news website MSN.

Two Vietnamese waterfalls among world’s most beautiful: MSN

Two Vietnamese waterfalls among world’s most beautiful: MSN

Two waterfalls in Vietnam were recently named in the list of the world’s 14 most charming waterfalls by US Microsoft’s news website MSN.