Local airlines raise ticket prices from May 9

Local airlines including Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines, Vasco and Bamboo Airways are scheduled to raise their respective system administration fees by VND100,000 (US$4.37) per flight, which will be incorporated into current air ticket fares.

Under the move, passengers buying air tickets from airlines under the Vietnam Airlines Group, including Vietnam Airlines, Pacific Airlines and Vasco, would pay system administration fee of VND350-450,000 (US$15.3-19.66) per flight (including value-added tax), an increase of VND100,000 (US$4.37) from the previous month.

Such price hike would be applied for all domestic flights that Vietnam Airlines Group are operating.

In a similar move, Bamboo Airways said it would raise the system administration fee for both single and group tickets from May 10 by VND90,000 (US$3.93) to VND320,000 (US$14) and VND460,000 (US$20), respectively.

Airlines noted a higher system administration fee would help airlines raise their services quality, especially in ticket sale system.

In the second quarter of last year, airlines such as Vietjet Air, Bamboo Airway, Vietnam Airlines and Pacific Airlines had also raised such fees by around VND100,000.

Currently, the price for a domestic air ticket would include airport taxes, fuel surcharges, service, check-in fee, and administration cost, among others.