Vietnamese football confident of a bright future

VOV.VN - A new page has been written in the history of Vietnamese football over the past five years under the leadership of Korean head coach Park Hang-seo, with the national team reaching many historic milestones and become a well-respected team in Asia.

Coach Park and his five-year journey

Coach Park first arrived in Vietnam in October, 2017, renewing his contract with the Vietnam Football Federation in both 2019 and 2021.

For five years, coach Park led the Vietnamese team to achieve a number of outstanding results, including becoming AFF Cup 2018 champions, reaching the 2019 Asian Cup’s quarter-finals, finishing as the King’s Cup 2019’s runners-up, and progressing to the World Cup 2022’s third qualifying round.

The U23 team and Olympic team, under the guidance of the Korean coach, were the U23 Asian Cup 2018’s runners-up, reached the ASIAD 2018’s quarter-finals, and won gold medals at the SEA Games in both 2019 and 2021.

In addition, Vietnam stayed among the Top 100 in the FIFA men’s rankings for 1,501 days, marking the longest run for a Southeast Asian football team.

Coach Park is set to end his contract with the VFF on January 31, marking the conclusion of his magical five-year journey in Vietnam.

Coach Park’s culture gives foundation for future of Vietnamese football

Despite failing to lift the historic trophy at the AFF Cup 2022, coach Park’s players have become the victors in the hearts of millions of local football lovers with their brave fighting spirit up until the last minute.

The culture in Vietnamese football established by the Korean coach has been a big boost for the confidence of Vietnamese players.

Coach Park not only helped the Vietnamese national team to build its own self-confidence and boost the tactical understanding of players, but also showed how to inspire a brave fighting spirit among them.

Furthermore, coach Park is capable of being able to read a match by demonstrating sharp tactical thinking, making effective changes during matches, thereby making Vietnamese footballers’ playing style more effective and resilient.

According to expert Phan Anh Tu, coach Park Hang-seo helped the Vietnamese players to confidently promote their strengths and personal abilities.

Moreover, coach Park taught many lessons to both the players and the coaching staff in terms of meticulousness and thoroughness, made correct decisions in the selection of personnel, and handled situations on the field. Indeed, it is not easy to achieve such results, Tu noted.

With regard to the new coach of the Vietnamese team, Tu confirmed that the most important thing is to choose the right person who will be suitable for both the local culture and Vietnamese people.

The new leader may be Asian, European, or South America, but they must give a boost to the players to develop their capabilities.

It will not be easy to enjoy success when other regional and continental rivals are also making progress.

With coach Park’s culture, as well as further investment in youth training, local fans are confident that Vietnam will put on a new look to achieve new goals and reap more success at both regional and global competitions in the future.

Now it is time for Vietnamese football fans to thank coach Park, put aside glorious memories, and wait for a new future under a new head coach.