Vietnamese billiards players defeat former world champions

VOV.VN - Local cueists Duong Quoc Hoan and Nguyen Anh Tuan enjoyed victory over former world champions Thorsten Hohmann and Albin Ouschan to progress to the knockout round of the UK Pool Open 2023.

Hoang consecutively beat Mehedi Hassan of Bangladesh 9-2, Chris Cowie of the UK 9-4, and former 2003 and 2013 world champion Thorsten Hohmann of Germany in the double elimination round on June 1.

Elsewhere, Anh Tuan won against three strong rivals in the form of James Oyangoren of the UK 9-2, Juan Carlos Exposito of Spain 9-8, and Albin Ouschan of Austria 9-5, who was former world champion in 2016 and 2021.

Their teammate, Duc Thien also made it to the knockout round after beating his opponents from Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Poland.

In the next round set to be played on June 2, Anh Tuan will face off against Shane van Boening, former world champion in 2022, while Duc Thien will meet Joshua Filler of Germany. In addition, Quoc Hoang will play David Alcalde of Spain, who is among the world’s top 30.

This year the UK Open Pool Championship, taking place from May 30 to June 4 and has attracted the participation of 256 players from across the world.

The winner of the tournament will be in line to scoop US$30,000 in prize money.

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